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Chris Nicholson, based in Greenville, SC, is a passionate advocate for community building and connections. With nine years of experience in Kenya, he excels in cross-cultural settings. Chris collaborates with various organizations, including nonprofits, offering leadership training and mentoring. He actively engages with local community leaders to foster growth and connection, believing that investing in people is the key to strong, sustainable communities.

Chris is not only enthusiastic about leadership but is dedicated to guiding individuals toward their fullest potential. He emphasizes that empowered and compassionate individuals are the foundation of resilient communities. His commitment extends to community-building, viewing strong communities as solutions to societal challenges. Chris, as the founder of Intentional, continues to pursue his passion, working with diverse individuals and organizations to foster meaningful connections and positive change. Whether coaching executives or working with students, Chris brings a unique perspective, deep experience, and infectious enthusiasm to every project.

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